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Amazon Cloud kitchen

After trying hands in so many things Amazon is going to lunch it’s cloud kitchen with a restaurant in a lower commission. Amazon is trying their hand in dine business. They said things are not only about serving food but to deliver it to your home.

Nowadays delivery is a growing sector in India and customers satisfaction is something that can lead you. This strategy will definitely gonna hamper Swiggy and Zomato.

Cloud kitchen are restaurants without walk-in or dine-in facilities. These cloud kitchens will shine if the restaurants are made for it. While order something online, it is always an issue for whom to trust and whom not. And as Amazon has already a strong market base, for them it will be easy. Amazon is already a trusted brand in India.

In Jeff Bezos’s opinion, ” your margin is my opportunity.”
These cloud kitchen models are definitely gonna break that old bottled up a restaurant business and lead the customers to something new as the people themselves represent their brands.

Amazon is going to start it’s food brand in Bengaluru. Amazon has a big customer base in India so if they start this dine out business too, we are all aware of the growth they will have.
They will take orders from private brands through their cloud kitchen and deliver it to the local areas.
Apart from this dine business, they may also collide with national restaurant chains and deliver food in a very low commission.

Amazon cloud kitchen is going to be located in Bengaluru near to Ola’s foodpanda. They are spreading their brands in every sector to conquer the Indian market. Amazon is trying to go closer to Swiggy as a cloud kitchen is one of their strategies.
Many restaurants seemed to be interested as it’s in such a low commission.
While in Zomato you can book a table or reserve sit for dine out, Amazon will only deliver food to you. Who knows if with this commission rate Amazon overtake Swiggy and Zomato.

This year in June, Amazon shut down their restaurant business in the US with ubereats and deliveroo. They have invested more than  $500 million in deliveroo.
Now Amazon is trying to make its road with a restaurant among India. Amazon also sales some of the grocery items in a cheap or pocket-friendly value.

However, Amazon still needs to go a long way if they want to open a cloud kitchen and set their restaurant business in India.

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